Dedicated to Donnie


My husband gave me a book in 1982 that was titled:

The Best Is Yet To Be--
A Birthday Book For The Young At Heart.

The first entry is especially close to my heart.

"There Is No Age For Love,
Is there an age for friendship?
No, there doesn't seem to be,
For the older all my friendships grow,--
The more they mean to me.
There is no age for faith and hope,
For helping and for sharing,
And anyone who really cares,
Knows, there's no age for caring....."

Sharon and Donnie

Love soft as an easy chair,
Love fresh as the morning air.
One love that is shared by two,
I have found with you.
Like a rose under the April snow,
I was always certain love would grow.
Love ageless and evergreen,
Seldom seen by two.

You and I will make each night a first.
Every day a beginning.
Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed,
They warm and excite us,
Because we have the brightest love.
Two Lights that shine as one,
Morning glory and midnight sun.
Time we've learned to sail above,
Time won't change the meaning of one Love,
Ageless and ever evergreen.

~Music & Lyrics - 'Evergreen' - Barbara Streisand


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